Dungelot is a turn by turn single player app for iOS and Android. When the game begins you are given one character to choose from. There is a Paladin, Vampire, Brewer, Assassin, and Alchemist. 

Each character also has a base amount of Health, Attact, and Initiative. 

When you choose your character you begin on level one, with progresive dungeons getting harder and harder. 

The objective is to get down into the dungeon as far as possible without dieing. Doing so requires the player to find a key on each level. The levels are a 6x5 board covered in rocks. when the player touches on a rock, its contents are revealed. Under each rock can be a treasure, the key, an enemy, a trap, or a pit, barrel, or challenge door/arena door.

Revealing the contents on a tile allows the player to interact with wahtever was underneath it. If there was an enemy under the tile the 8 ajacent tiles will be temporarly locked (assuming they have not yet been unearthed). The enemy must be killed before these tiles can be revealed.