This page is a list containing all the equipment in Dungelot. Please see the specific pages for more detailed information.

Permanent Equipment

Shield - %10 chance of absorbing an attack entirely.  Equivalent to %10 more health. Probably the best item for the late game (about 70+)

Spikes - Surprise 1 damage attack upon revealing an enemy.  Good early on, useless later.

Agility Rune - %5 increase of speed, for increased sneak - attack chance

Ring of Health - 2 - 6 health increase per floor.  Very good for farming health, especially in mid game.

Armor - Enemy power is reduced by 1.  This is the best equipment in the early and mid game (probably up to 70)

Mask of Happiness - Increase mood by 1 point.

Single-Use Equipment

Angel Boots - Teleports you to the next level immediately.

Cloak of Invisibility - Monsters from blocks don't block adjacent cells.  Oddly, monsters from barrels still do.

Hidden Equipment

Treasure Map - Shows where the treasure on the map are. It shows positions of chests and spells.

Lantern - Shows where are traps on the map.


Hammer - Attack + 1.  Stuns an enemy every 5 attacks.  Stun lasts for 2 turns, though the enemy can attack at the end of the second turn.  Because of the 1(+) free attack while the enemy is stunned, hammer stun has an effective reload rate of 4 attacks.  Stunned enemies also permanently stop guarding their surrounding cells.

Axe - Attack + 2.  Makes a killing blow every 8 attacks. Killing blow kills Slime in one hit, without reviving.

Sword - Attack + 1.  Disarms (-1 attack) an opponent every 3 attacks.  

Dagger - Attack + 0. Enemies don't strike back every 3 attacks.

Weapon Strategies:

All weapons have a charging special attack which are best used on the stronger enemies.  But, you don't need to charge them up on the strong enemies.  Use the lower attack enemies in the room to charge up to your strong hit, then switch to the big bad to unleash it.