This page is a list of all the enemies in the Dungelot game. Please see thier respective pages for more information.

Goblin Grunt




Demon Pig





Goblin Axe Thrower

Skeleton Mage

Golemn - Absorbs all damage that other units would otherwise take Zombie Cow - At 1/2 health, attack power doubles


Golemns take damage for any other enemy.  But you still take that other enemy's attack damage.  If there are weaker enemies on the field than the Golemn, attack them instead.

Mushrooms have 0 attack, but can be converted to health by the vampire.  Golemns absorb damage for any other enemy.  With a Golemn around, a vampire can draw health from the Golemn as if it were a mushroom, by attacking the mushroom.

Mushrooms are excellent tools to charge up weapon special attacks, which then can be unleashed upon other enemies.

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